Breathing life into your lungs

with Dr. Nina's expert care.

Breathe Easy

Breathing life into your lungs

with Dr. Nina's expert care.

Breathe Easy

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Meet Dr. Nina:

Dr. Nina's intention within this space is to educate our worldwide community of patients. She desires to produce helpful content through regular LIVE events where participants can learn, interact, ask specific questions, and utilize community support.

About Dr. Nina

As long as there's breath in our lungs, our story is still being written.

Bart Millard

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Podcast Appearances

"The Role of Pulmonologists in Primary Care with Dr. Nina Maouelainin"
"How I built The First Successful Private Interventional Pulmonology Program"
"Dr. Maouelainin, a specialist in lung diseases, talks about Covid-19"
(En Español)
"Lung Cancer Trends and At-Home Prevention"

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