The Lung Health Mastermind

Our exclusive Lung Health Building program designed specifically for patients with lung issues and caregivers. 


This is the only program of its kind to give you the means and the knowledge to better understand your disease, make changes on a daily basis to survive lung diseases, and improve your lung health.

Before we share the details of this program, let’s chat about who this is for…


Perhaps you are:


... A new patient diagnosed with COPD and not sure where you’re headed. Not sure how to control your symptoms. 


... Maybe you are someone who has suffered from emphysema and have seen a decline specifically since COVID-19 and would like to get back into the game...


... Recently survived lung cancer, or recently diagnosed with lung cancer and would like to be guided towards better health.


... Possibly a caregiver who is overwhelmed by the amount of medications and care that needs to be provided or that you feel that you may never get ahead of your disease and every single step feels like a step back because of complications.


...  A smoker who would like to take the steps early on, so the chances of suffering from  COPD are lower.


...OR, Simply a person who would like to be more proactive about their lung health!




Often times, medical information will stay with practitioners and the medical world… 


Providers have this knowledge, and study cases to the best of their ability, but have limited time and resources to support each patient in this capacity. 


We believe support is essential.


Patients who have a better understanding of their diagnosis, have a much better understanding of their personal situation, the care they need, and how to ask for help and support from their caregivers.




Every week you will be able to access enlightening conferences and webinars, gain support from professional leaders, as well as plenty of previously recorded content to help understand the depth of each disease and opportunities to heal.


Additionally, you will have access to supportive community, where, if you feel like you’re getting “lost in translation” in the Medical World...


Our specialists are here to set aside the time to work with you using their medical knowledge, but most importantly their guiding lights as an advocate for you, personally.

This is about you, your health, and your life, getting over your obstacle

The goal is to help you achieve what is deemed impossible by many. 




Be gentle with yourself.


Be patient with yourself.


It will take time.


As a community and as a group, we will be able to achieve much more.

You will be able to live your life on your terms.

You are able to achieve much more than you realize

No challenge is too big, No lung issue should be the “end”.


This is the beginning of a journey.

Apply for the Lung Health Mastermind 🍃

Our next mastermind will launch January, 2024. 
We look forward to supporting you through your wellness journey!