Welcome to The Lung Health Mastermind!

Our exclusive Lung Health Building program is designed specifically for patients with lung issues and caregivers. This program is the only one of its kind that provides you with the means and knowledge to better understand your disease, make daily changes to survive lung diseases, and improve your lung health.


Who is this program for?

Are you a new patient diagnosed with COPD and unsure of what lies ahead? Maybe you have suffered from emphysema and experienced a decline since COVID-19. Perhaps you have recently survived or been diagnosed with lung cancer and want to be guided toward better health. Or you could be a caregiver feeling overwhelmed by medications and care, or a smoker wanting to take proactive steps to reduce the risk of COPD. Regardless of your situation, if you want to be more proactive about your lung health, this program is for you.

Medical information often remains within the medical world, and while practitioners do their best, patients may not always receive the support they need. We believe that support is essential for patients to better understand their diagnosis, care needs, and how to seek help and support.


What can you expect from the program?

Each week, you will have access to enlightening conferences, webinars, and support from professional leaders. You will also have access to a supportive community and specialists who will work with you using their medical knowledge and advocacy to help you overcome obstacles and achieve what may seem impossible.

Remember to be gentle and patient with yourself ÔÇô healing and progress take time. As a community, we can achieve more together. No challenge is too big, and no lung issue should be the "end." This program marks the beginning of your journey to living life on your terms and achieving more than you realize.

Join us on this transformative journey to improve your lung health and overcome obstacles. Let's work together to make the impossible possible. Welcome to The Lung Health Mastermind!

The Lung Health 101 Mastermind

Our previously recorded mastermind is now available for purchase! If you're curious to learn about the foundational resources for lung health, this is a great place to start! This mastermind was hosted by four incredible providers: Nina Maouelainin, Joe Diagneau, Trish St.Ledger, and Carol Yuan-Duclair. Each provider focused on their individual specialty, from Lung Health, Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and even Sleep! We know this mastermind will serve you as you take the next steps towards better health! Clicking the link below will give you immediate access to these recordings! 

Purchase: The Lung Health 101 Mastermind

The Lung Health 102 Mastermind

For those who have completed the Lung Health 101 Mastermind, we welcome you to join in our upcoming mastermind, Lung Health 102! Our next sessions will cover Preventative Lung Health, Pulmonary Rehab, Nutrition, as well as Mental & Emotional Health. Join Nina Maouelainin, Sejal Mehta, Alli Salvitti-Nelson, and Amanda Vilar as we take our Lung Health to the next level! Included in your mastermind are twelve weeks of recordings, materials, as well as weekly Q&A sessions to answer any questions that come up! We can't wait to have you join us! Click the link below to register for our June 17th start date!

Enroll: The Lung Health 102 Mastermind